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Welcome! We have hundreds of experts ready to help.

The following video will show you how the process works, and you can read more about it below.


To find the expert that’s right for you, go to Find a Expert and review their profiles. When you find the one you like, contacting them is easy. Click Schedule a Call to check the expert’s availability. A calendar will give you a choice of dates and times.

Ignite Calendar

You will be asked to sign in or create an account to book the call and manage your bookings online. Calls are paid by credit card at the time of booking. The payment is handled by our partner We do not handle or retain your credit card information.

You and the expert will both receive a confirmation of the new booking by email. You will both have the option to reschedule the call if necessary. This is managed directly from the email receipt. You can also visit to see and reschedule bookings.

You and the expert will receive reminder emails 24 hours and 1 hour before the scheduled time. The email includes a button to join the call at the scheduled time. If you signed up for text reminders, you’ll get those 24 and 1 hour before the scheduled time as well. If you have difficulty joining, visit and join from there. If you need additional help, Contact Us and we’ll get right back to you.

When it’s time to start the call, you and the expert will meet online using any browser. This is what it looks like. (It works on mobile devices as well.)

You don’t need to install any special software or app. You don’t have to use video either. The call works without video, if you prefer it that way. At the end of the call, simply disconnect or close your browser window. You will not be charged more if you forget to disconnect or if you go over time. If your call was not successful for any reason, Contact Us and we’ll make it right. If you’re not completely satisfied with the experience, your next call is on us.  

Take the next step and Schedule a Call!

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