Monte Silva: Adjusting to Changing Winds

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I had a buddy I grew up with, whose family had a sailboat. It was just a small two-person Sunfish, which is a small, flat dinghy.  My buddy and I would take it out on the lake. While I’m certainly not an experienced sailor, I did learn something about sailing. 

One of the things I learned was how to tack. Tacking is when you adjust your sail to utilize the wind for speed. Often you end up tacking back and forth. The ultimate goal is to get to a certain destination. While it looks chaotic and without purpose, it really works. And much like sailing, restaurateurs face changing winds. 

In the restaurant industry, the things that worked and the things we believed in before, are not necessarily going to get us where we want to go in the future. We have to study the new wind, see where it is heading and adjust quickly to catch it. The quicker we adapt, the better we will do at reaching our horizon. Be careful about getting too many opinions. That can take too long. Find a few trusted experts, get their advice, and then make a quick and decisive move.

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