How to Succeed in Hospitality by Investing in People

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It’s not easy to create and maintain a profitable hotel business. Many tasks happen behind the scenes to keep operations running seamlessly. And while business models, concepts, and methods may differ, the hospitality industry relies on excellent customer experiences. 

As Tom Vincent explains in the article, Why Success Begins With an Attitude, “Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.” This idea extends to the belief that having a robust recruitment and training strategy leads to positive guest experiences. However, devising an optimal work environment often takes creative solutions to avoid increasing your budget. 

The challenge: Set the stage for exceptional experiences 

Continuous customer satisfaction is key to managing and operating a successful and profitable hotel. Hoteliers rely on a well-suited staff to deliver excellent experiences all of the time. Yet, finding, recruiting, and training your teams can be challenging. And the hurdles don’t stop there. 

Once you have your teams in place, hoteliers are tasked with maintaining a safe work environment while motivating employees. And when the budget is an issue, it’s hard to know where to put your funds to ensure a return on your investment. 

The solution: Start with determined and driven employees

Efficient operations and pleasing customer experiences rely on your associates. Tom says it’s essential to “put the absolutely right person in the right position.” Invest time searching for quality job candidates in and outside of your company. Once you’ve selected the best people, it’s time to give them tools for success. 


Build strong training initiatives

When you invest in your teams, positive guest experiences, stable revenues, and profits follow. It starts with developing a system for onboarding and regular trainings. Your process should be comprehensive and easily repeatable. According to Tom, “Employees function best after given thorough training. Investment in your staff demonstrates their importance and empowers team members to excel.”

Create an inclusive working environment 

Safe and inclusive work environments lead to a culture that supports and motivates employees. But, supportive workplaces are more than policies written on paper. Tom says, “Creating a work environment that emphasizes respect is crucial to giving staff the freedom to learn and grow.” Your culture starts at the top, from owners to managers, so it’s vital to get this part right. 

Lead by example

Your teams need a strong management team that works together to provide ongoing training and mentorship opportunities while influencing the overall culture. Keep communications open with your supervisors and ask for feedback often. Encourage them to adopt the same methods with staff. However, outstanding leadership is more than following standards. Your management team must oversee employees’ well-being by addressing any workplace issues immediately. 

The results: A focus on staff increases profits

By using creative solutions to fix other issues while directing profits towards building a reliable staff, hotel owners realize their objectives. In one instance, Tom needed to increase the star rating for the Springfield, Massachusetts Marriott Hotel. Yet, he was told to “refrain from using money to solve the problem.”

Tom focused on staff recruiting and training to boost profits, then used those profits to enhance the training and recruitment program. In doing so, he was able to take the hotel property from a three-star rating to a four-star rating with few physical improvements to the facility. Well-trained and motivated team members delivered consistent customer experiences resulting in repeat guest visits. 

Improve your hospitality program

Between maintenance and marketing, staying on top of your hotel is a juggling act. Once you understand your people’s importance and decide to invest in them, other decisions get easier. Tom says, “It’s the staff, managers, and visitors that make a hotel what it is. Investing in training and comfortability, while exceeding expectations is key to running a profitable and successful business.”

Explore ways to create a profitable hospitality business by focusing on the people involved in it. Schedule a call with Tom to get started.

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