How Anthony Bommarito Became a Successful Bar & Restaurant Owner-GM in the Ultra-Competitive Chicago Market

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Ignite Expert

With a specialization in bringing new life into bars and restaurants in a downturn and industry startups, Anthony Bommarito delivers actionable solutions to restaurateurs’ unique challenges. But, he doesn’t rely on textbook knowledge. Instead, Anthony uses his 23 years as a bar and restaurant owner and general manager in Chicago to create solid strategies for new or struggling business owners.

As an owner and GM, Anthony oversaw a demographic transformation for two privately-owned bar-restaurants in Chicago. He also partnered with an elite team to develop a well-known restaurant brand. Anthony’s operational procedures continue to fuel the restaurant’s culture, growth, and overall success.

Although Anthony specializes in brand building, customer service, and many other areas, his ideas for creative promotions and robust financial background help him generate solutions that match budgets to resources. He tackles the tricky obstacles that existing brands and restaurant startups face.

The challenge: Creating satisfied restaurant guests

A restaurant with less than desirable customer satisfaction significantly affects goals, outcomes, and success rates. Yet, turning a brand around is an art. Restaurant owners must identify the causes and take actions. New startups also face many challenges with guest experiences. Overcoming these difficulties is required for restaurants to grow their brands.

The solution: Team building and positive interactions

According to Anthony, “It’s one thing to be courteous to your guest when they visit your establishment. But the ultimate goal is to treat your customers as you would treat your closest friends and family.” He suggests taking a two-prong approach to developing your guest experience strategy:

  1. Hiring and training winning teams who go above and beyond to ensure guest experiences exceed expectations
  2. Using niche selling points to establish engaging restaurant guest events and promotions

When creating a hiring and training program, Anthony recommends stepping into your guests’ shoes. He says, “Everyone wants to feel like they’re part of something, make your guest feel like they’re part of your environment, and they will be loyal regulars.”

But, customer experiences also extend to your selling points. Eric points out that “keeping guests involved is the key to bars and restaurants’ success.” Engage your clients using a combination of tactics, like:

  • Board games
  • Arcade-style games
  • Pool tables and dartboards
  • Freebies for kids
  • Food and drink tastings

Create a blueprint for stellar guest experiences

New startups involve many decisions about location, food quality, beer, and wine menus, and hiring methods. But, how do you compete with other establishments that also made wise decisions? Anthony says, “It all comes down to giving your guests a reason to return to your venue. They will always come back to the venue that they felt most comfortable and had a fun experience.”

Get help resolving your complex restaurant issues

Are you ready to grow your restaurant? Avoid common mistakes while meeting your financial and conceptual goals, with help from Anthony. From navigating P&L statements to staff training, you can get the help you need by scheduling a call with Anthony today.

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