From Human Resources to Life Coach: How Sandi Grove Inspires Others to Live Their Best Life

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Finding the right life path requires personal and professional exploration. For Sandi Grove, that route took her from a career in human resources to a successful business as a life coach. With a Master’s Degree in Communications, Sandi began her adventure at Sheraton Harbor Island. Through a series of incredible achievements, she found her passion by assisting with managers’ and employees’ professional development.

However, after her father died in 2009, Sandi turned inwards for reflection and the personal development of her soul. She wrote the book, Nuggets from Heaven, to share epiphanies she experienced after her father’s death. She went on to become a Level 2 Reiki healer and a hospice volunteer for patients living with Alzheimer’s.

Yet, her coaching methods and style take into account the whole of her life, beginning with her days as a training manager and being the director of human resources for Sheraton Harbor Island. During this time, she developed key skills. Each enabled Sandi to produce and present training programs that pushed managers out of their comfort zones. With her guidance, supervisors discovered new ways of leading people while creating innovative processes that exceeded customers’ expectations. As a training manager, Sandi became certified to teach Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. She turned around and offered this life-changing program to the entire management team.

When Sandi moved into the position as director of human resources, she knew she wanted to continue to help others and find better ways of doing things. With that in mind, she developed a new process for screening and interviewing employees. Her method increased the company’s hiring success by 50%.

But, Sandi’s father’s death and her dive into spirituality emboldened her idea that she wanted to help clients make real-life changes. She says, “the move from human resources to life coaching was very natural. Helping my clients make changes that ultimately bring them closer to their highest level of joy and success is my goal every day.” As part of her work, Sandi addresses longstanding client challenges. For instance, one client approached Sandi and said she felt like a spinning top. She worked all day, but never accomplished or completed anything. Sandi knew Mel Robbin’s “5,4,3,2,1” strategy was the answer. “I challenged her to try it. Her results were astonishing! She completed eight projects over the next few weeks using this simple strategy.”

Although every session is different, just as all people are different, Sandi feels everyone benefits from having a safe and trusted space to speak. Not only that, but having someone in your corner that truly listens and has your best interests at heart, encourages you to explore and develop your best self.

For the past five years, Sandi has focused on coaching clients. But, that doesn’t mean that she’s done learning. Through meditation, Sandi continues to develop and hone her empathic listening skills, which allow her to offer valuable intuitive hits she receives during sessions. Sandi’s enthusiasm and dedication push clients towards the pursuit of their best life. Sandi says, “Whether it’s physical, financial, relational, occupational or spiritual, I help my clients create practical steps toward their dream life. I then hold them accountable to our agreements. Knowing when to hold space, when to encourage and when to challenge is an intuitive skill that helps my clients go beyond where they can sometimes go alone.”

Day after day, clients express their gratitude for the support that’s helping them make needed changes. Sandi finds joy and peace, knowing that her coaching sessions help clients become more connected, present, and prosperous.

Do you want to achieve your best life?

Backed by decades of professional and personal experience, Sandi helps people create habits that support a happy and successful life. Explore how coaching can help you by scheduling a call with Sandi.

“Sandi Grove has helped me make positive and lasting changes in countless areas in my life. Her ability to deeply listen with her heart and her head have inspired me toward my best self.” Rene – former coaching client

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