Angie W. Fitness Management, Group Fitness & Personal Trainer

Atlanta, Georgia

My love for fitness started as a teenager when I first attended group fitness classes. I’ve always been active and knew early on I wanted to pursue a career in exercise. In 1998, I certified to teach group fitness and have been teaching ever since. In 2003, I earned my Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sport Science and a certification for Health and Fitness Instructor from ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). This allowed me to pursue personal training, both with individuals and in a group setting. Throughout the years, my path has led me to experience working with different people in many locations around the country and world. I’ve had the opportunity to teach active duty military in Guam for three years, teaching group fitness to commands such as Navy Seals and military dependents.  I have experience in many divisions of fitness including community, commercial, military and corporate.

Managing group fitness programs eventually led to managing corporate fitness centers. I have successfully established mutually beneficial relationships with corporate clients by developing and implementing health promotion programs for employees to follow so they are healthier, thus, decreasing healthcare costs for the employer, as well as increasing employee productivity.

My experience has taught me how to maximize member engagement and retainment through new, innovative and cost-effective fitness offerings – all vital factors for keeping employees consistently active.

The best part of doing what I do is helping others have fun with fitness, as they become a healthier version of themselves. I truly believe being healthy and fit not only benefits us physically, but in all aspects of life.