Dr. Jose Luis C. Professional Coach, Advisor, Consultant

Doral, Florida

With an extensive Medical, Psychiatric and Natural Therapies background, I have devoted my entire life to my biggest purpose and passion, providing perfect health and overall well-being to my patients, with a holistic approach that combines physical, mental and emotional success. As a bilingual, I can assist in both English and Spanish speaking patients.

My path as a Healthcare Professional started by looking at my father, who was a great doctor and my inspiration. Looking at his work gave the certainty that my true calling in life was to service others restoring their health.

Once I graduated as a Medical Practitioner, I was constantly looking for more ways to treat patients, knowing that not only the body but also the mind can fall sick and get healed, I became a Psychiatrist, constantly looking for techniques and therapeutic elements to provide better health to people.

To expand my view of the patient as a complex whole, I included natural therapies and the best nutrition to complete my set of resources to combat stress, anxiety, insomnia and other behavioral disorders.

I graduated as a Medical doctor in 1975, from one of the top universities in South America, Universidad Central de Venezuela. A few years later I obtained my Masters in Psychiatry from the same university, right after completing my education in Homeopathy and Medical Radionics, in England. During my Psychiatric education, I had the opportunity to train with the best Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists at the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Caracas and the Hospital de los Seguros Sociales, that being a definitive experience in my career path.

I have practiced Classical and Electronic Homeopathy, as well as Holistic and Natural Therapies. I worked with the best electronic equipment from Bruce Copen Laboratories and Tecnolaser.

Along with my journey as a Medical doctor treating patients in Venezuela, I was also a Professor in two universities, in the areas of Psychopathology, Criminology, and Legal or Forensic Medicine.

Upon my arrival to the United States six years ago, I continued my education and graduated with Cum Laude honors as MSc in Mental Health, Hypnotherapy and NLP. I also obtained the Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine, by revalidating my previous studies, with Cum Laude honors.

I kept on studying completing courses and obtaining diplomas on: Forensic Psychology, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Addictions, Life Coaching, Health, Nutrition and Wellness, EFT and TFT techniques, Reiki Master and Energy Medicine.  I have worked with positive results with Bio resonance, Quantum Analysis and the best Aura and Homeopathy software.

I will be honored to help you find your fullest potential and achieve a high level of absolute health, overall harmony and well-being.