Karen B. Pilates & Personal Training, Small Business Owner

Wilmington, North Carolina

I have over 15 years experience in the fitness and wellness industry. I have my BS in Exercise Science and hold many certifications in the field. I have worked in high end fitness centers and Pilates studios. I have experience with personal training, group exercise, and Pilates. I was a presenter and educator for 5 years for the PFT program with AFAA.  For the last 10 years I’ve owned my own business incorporating Pilates and Personal training. I have a quaint home studio where I train clients in person. Over the last year my business has expanded to online training and accountability coaching. I have successfully grown my business over the years all while keeping up with the evolving fitness/wellness industry.

I’d be honored to provide you with guidance and mentoring in the following areas…

Defining  your business model.  Determining your target market.  Setting up sole proprietorship or LLC.  Setting up business accounts and bookkeeping.  Leveraging social media to help build your business and brand.  Certifications and continuing education to consider.  Incorporating virtual training and accountability coaching.  Networking with like-minded professionals.  Ordering equipment and other online resources to help grow your business.

I would love to have the privilege to help you start your own business!