Dr. Scott S. Professional Health & Business Coach

Ft. Myers, Florida

I have over 20 years of health care experience as owner and administrator of three integrative health care clinics. I had one of the largest clinics in the Midwest for 10 years and had privileges with MedCenter One Health Systems, one of the largest hospitals in the region. I am licensed in Chiropractic medicine and certified in physical therapy/rehab, advanced health and fitness, clinical/medical exercise, strength and conditioning, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, and CPR/AED/First Aid. I also represented Northwestern Health Sciences University in the doctor/student mentorship program. I taught clinical, business and management protocols to doctoral students.


I sold my health care clinics and became a licensed business broker and practice management consultant. I currently advise other health care practitioners and business owners regarding all aspects of clinical, business and management protocols. I also provide one-on-one patient/client counseling and address all aspects of health. I am an advocate for finding the root cause of a client’s health issue, addressing it and then creating a balance in his/her life for optimum health. I am the author of the book Health is Wealth: The Path to Enriching Your Life and Your Health, located at bookstores nationwide. The book addresses the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social aspects of health. I have been a medical author for Runner’s World magazine and am also the creator of the multivitamin, Honey Health. I look forward to helping clients through Ignite.Expert, and I welcome your appointments.