Adam H. Athletics, Health & Wellness Change Agent

Albuquerque, New Mexico

My true passions surround business development and revolutionizing the overall care of athletes. I love finding a better way by challenging the status quo and creating a solution that makes sense. If your goals are to create something new, exciting, and different then let’s talk!


I have extensive background in athletics and healthcare which provides a unique perspective on patient/customer care. There are many ways to decrease the overall cost of healthcare while increasing accessibility for patients and clients. Collaboration and partnerships are the new currency in business growth, and I have built relationships that benefit all parties involved.


My work experience with Stanford University, US Ski Team, Kinesio, Dental Cooperative and owner of multiple startup businesses creates a unique blend of talents and perspectives to support YOU! I bring experience with vision, thinking outside the box, customer discoveries, professional relationship building, startups, team building, athletics, wellness and healthcare to help you reach your goals.