Blake G. Health Consultant, Professional Coach & Training Coordinator

San Diego, California

Coming from a family of fitness consultants and health practitioners, my passion for helping others thrive started early.  Some of my earliest memories are of my parent’s spin classes or sweeping the floors of our gym after the early morning classes.  From an early age, the lessons of goodwill, client safety and effective training have been ingrained in me.  Thanks to the family business, I would find myself running classes, holding seminars, and personally training our clients of various ages and walks of life – all before graduating high school. It was seeing our clientele and friends become stronger, gain back their health, lose weight, and combat chronic disease that left a lasting impression which drives me to this day.

After serving in the United States Navy and finishing college, I’d go on to start my own integrative health & fitness consultancy.  This would bring me to working with everyone from soccer moms, seniors and kids to military service members, MMA fighters, cops and fire academy cadets. My areas of expertise are strength & conditioning, nutrition, mobility, mindfulness & meditation, programming, client safety, longevity, weight loss and sports psychology.  I also consult gym owners in training of staff, creation of new programs and offerings, running kids’ classes, management, remote training and circumventing many of the challenges faced by those in the fitness industry.

How Blake Glassman and his Client Saved Hundreds of Lives


With more than 16 years in the world of health and fitness, Blake Glassman’s extensive background allows him to help people from all walks of life, from disadvantaged youth to firefighters, olympic athletes, and the terminally ill. However, one situation stands out in his mind. This is his story and that of the hundreds of people helped by his I-A-S system and long-term approach. 

A conversation that changed futures

In 2015, while I was serving as General Manager and Head of Kids’ Training for CrossFit DCS, I was approached by a longtime friend and client. “Dr. Dave,” as we affectionately called him, was a primary care doctor at Scripps, known for how little he said during his workouts. 


However, one day, Dave seemed to be waiting for me after we concluded our cool down for the afternoon. “You got a second?” he asked hopefully. Almost concerned, I replied: “Sure, Dave. What’s up?”  


He described to me his work at Scripps and the common condition of his various patients. Many of them were over the age of 55, as well as being overweight, hypertensive, insulin resistant, and heavily medicated. They complained of their meds’ side effects, losing their breath after walking, and not being trusted with their grandchildren because they were simply too weak even to pick them up. They longed for the days when golfing, hikes, and babysitting grandkids were a possibility. 


Dr. Dave knew there had to be another solution besides adding more meds to their already sizable cocktail. He knew the power of diet and exercise and saw firsthand how it helped him in his own health journey. He informed me that he had begun prescribing his patients’ diet and exercise and wanted my help.    

The challenge: Finding a simple and long-term solution

Dr. Dave was well on his way to making meaningful changes in people’s lives. He had the patients, a state-of-the-art facility with medical staff, heart rate monitors, great equipment, and the burning desire to help people thrive. 


Although Dr. Dave knew what he wanted for his patients and had a general vision of where his preventive health program would go, he needed a plugin system. A method that organized the various elements of long-term health, metabolic flexibility, intense exercise, evidence-based nutrition, weight-loss, and sense of wellbeing into a single solution. 


Dr. Dave needed a simple solution that he and his staff could follow to ensure customer care and provide amazing results to those who needed it. Not only that, this methodology would need to be passed on to future interns and trainers, so they also needed to be taught how to teach. 


Luckily, through my experience in running programs for the Navy, fire academy, and various CrossFit gyms, I knew right away what Dave’s operation needed to get off the ground. 

The solution: A two-prong approach  

After evaluating Dave and his staff in their normal operations and interactions with clients, we would implement our two-prong strategy: Educate them on I-A-S methodology and utilization of a quality service compass.   

I-A-S methodology

Our team would educate Dr. Dave’s staff on the cornerstones of human thriving: Intake, Action, and State of Being (IAS).


  • Intake: Diet (what to eat), timing (when to eat), and supplementation
  • Action: Exercise, body maintenance, and recovery
  • State of being: Stress management, peace of mind, and self-fulfillment


Once we educate the staff on the macro and micro view of IAS methodology and its intricacies, they are taken through the client journey, learning where to start each person and how to help their progress with baby steps.    

Quality service compass

With the subject matter and best practices covered, Dave’s crew now needed a systematic approach to optimizing the client experience and exceeding their expectations, which we call a “quality service compass.” 


Clientology is a multi-level approach that dives into what makes clients tick. To do this, our team, along with Dave and his staff, explored the client’s passions, motivators, wants, needs, emotions, and perceptions. Furthermore, the staff learns from their clients in a way that fine-tunes and improves future clients’ experience.


In doing so, teams discovered how to empower people by showing clients they matter and letting them how the staff cares. Plus, their actions instilled self-esteem in members by showing them what they can accomplish.


Dave’s crew also used bloodwork, DEXA-scans, BMI measurements, physical exams, and other tools to measure results and efficacy. 


Non-negotiables are standards that establish criteria for operations, programs, and processes within the gym. It also serves as a measure of high-quality service. For Dr. Dave, our team decided on four non-negotiables: Safety, courtesy, professionalism, and efficiency.  


The delivery includes a friendly, fun environment and experience-filled learning, growth, challenges, and support. For Dr. Dave’s program, we identified three main delivery systems for a complete overhaul: 


  • Staff: An evaluation of all things about the trainers, owner, and the manager like uniforms, communication, client considerations, and many others. 
  • Setting: A deep dive into everything regarding the gym and outdoor areas like equipment, lighting, airflow, music, and lots more.
  • Programming: Ultimately, we crafted a system for creating the workouts, managing large groups, and scaling to individual needs.

The results: Healthier, happier clients

After introducing Dr. Dave and his staff to our I-A-S methodology and quality service compass, their team then went on to help hundreds, if not thousands, of clients save their own lives. The typical story of clients at Dave’s gym: Over 40 pounds of fat loss, improved triglycerides, cholesterol, and markers for inflammation, can now easily lift grandkids, down from five medications to zero, and can now run when walking used to be a challenge. By any standard, we were able to effectively lengthen the health-span of Dave’s members. 

Reimagine Your Approach to Fitness

As we progress into the future, the health & fitness industry will be oriented less around simply helping clients gain muscle or lose weight. A skilled gym-owner or practitioner will need to brush up on concepts involving longevity, metabolic flexibility, mitochondrial health, and increasing one’s ‘health-span.’ After all, with these focuses in mind, goals like losing weight and gaining muscle are guaranteed to succeed.  


From training staff to creating new programs, you can adopt a new, long term health approach to reinvigorate your fitness business. Get started by scheduling a complimentary call with Blake Glassman.