Farley M. Chef, Restaurateur, Farmer, Social Media Manager

Spokane, Washington

Nothing good ever comes easy.  I’ve worked my way from the bottom.  I’ve never interviewed for a job and didn’t get it—and I’ve never not reached the top of the management ladder.  Now, I’m here to help you.  I’ve built my career over the last twenty years, working in every sector of the hospitality industry.  I’ve personally opened two successful restaurants and one bar.  I’ve helped struggling businesses grow and re-brand on social media.  When I got bored with restaurant and bar management life, I started working as a farmer (both land and sea based), and supplied some of the best award-winning restaurants with fresh produce and seafood.

My culinary expertise stretches from Classical French, Italian, “Home style” American, and Japanese—from Baking and Patisserie, Pasta and Noodle Making, From-Scratch Sauces, Gravies and Dressings, Butchery, Cheese Monger and Making, Charcuterie, Beer and Wine Pairings, Menu Development and Design, BBQ, Sous Vide, and much more. There hasn’t been a culinary position I haven’t held.  Management expertise ranges from small, family owned businesses to multi-million dollar Las Vegas Resorts, and everything in between.  I’ve built multiple social media accounts, and amassed followers both local and abroad for companies ranging from bars, food trucks, to farmer suppliers.

What can I do for you?

The real question is:  What can’t I do?

The answer: Nothing; and with my help, you can succeed like I have, too!