JoAnna M. Expert Personal Chef, On-Site Catering, At-Home Fine Dining

Nashville, Tennessee

If you ever wished you had a seasoned problem-solver at your beck and call, your wish has come true.  I have 17 years of experience working as a personal chef and running a business offering In-Home Event Catering for up to 150 guests.  I have managed a staff of 20+ part-time, on-call staff for both front- and back-of-house.  I excel at At-Home Fine Dining and weeknight meal preparation, and I have extensive experience offering private cooking lessons in clients’ homes.

When you’re catering offsite, or cooking in your client’s home kitchen, you need to be flexible. I’ve dealt with power outages, equipment failure, and even literally putting out a fire.  I can show you how to adapt to all kinds of cooking environments, whether it’s converting a recipe from the stove to the oven (or vice versa), or to use other appliances to achieve similar results.  Food safety is a priority, and should never be compromised.

Seasoned restaurateurs know that food cost is key.  I can take your current menu, find the waste, and turn it into profit.  I can help you adapt your current menu items to accommodate all types of dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, Keto, paleo, diabetic, low-sodium, kosher, Whole 30 and pregnancy-friendly foods…or even just picky eaters…without becoming a short-order cook.

If you have employees, putting your restaurant’s procedures and policies in writing, make sure everyone is being treated fairly and communicated with properly.  I will draw on my experience as a Human Resources Consultant to help get you on the right track with your staff.

I’ve always been proud of being able to surprise and delight my clients by making their culinary wishes come true, and I can help you do the same with your clients and restaurant guests!