Scott L. Re-opening Strategist & Restaurant Land Use Development Executive

Denton, Maryland

In the beginning, my family businesses included deli’s, pizza parlors, liquor stores, apartments, land development, subdivisions, building, commercial real estate and eventually a Bed & Breakfast! Once out of college, I started in my 30-year career in Government & Public Health. From a Health Inspector knowing the “on the ground” workings of a food service operation from the owner’s side was helpful in developing a positive relationship with the regulators. Food Safety Protection has been a large part of my career, with illness investigation and process improvement (root-cause analysis) to identify and change processes to ensure establishments are meeting regulations. My land use career included large subdivisions in Connecticut and New York State and some permitting in Florida and Arkansas. Working with landowners on site development pre-post planning meetings, site markings, wetland and S&E permits and compliance; as well as Phase I & II property investigations for Real Estate Transfers. I obtained BS in Environmental Science from SUNY ESF, a MS in Experimental Pathology from New York Medical College and Government Relations training at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


Most recently, I operated a large Behavioral Health Program with Mobile Tele-Medicine services and was a part of a large task force that help prevent Covid 19 outbreaks in Food Processing Industries and with their Community members that lived together. With my breath of knowledge from both the private ownership / family business side and the Government Relations / Permitting side I am a “Go To Guy” for your business and planning needs for Land Use Planning, Development, Real Estate, Business Planning, Site Plans and Business Design, Healthy Dining, Food Service Layouts, Mental Health, Public Health Impact Prevention and Covid 19 Re-opening strategies for all businesses.