Leslie S. Restaurant Manager, Hospitality Management & Retention

Seattle, Washington

What makes your establishment stand out? YOUR PEOPLE!!! How can you recruit, hire, and retain “A players”.  It always starts from the top, your managers.

In the 14 plus years I have been in the restaurant industry from a cafe cashier to the general manager of a 5 million dollar fast casual restaurant, I have learned that change is the only constant.  This goes for your concept, your staff, your guest and your management.  How do you build the relationships with your managers, who therefore develop your team members, to create the culture you want your establishment to exude?

Staffing, Staffing, Staffing!

This is where I come in (well at least not physically as of now :).

Developing soft skills for managers is one of the most difficult things to achieve.  These skills are usually not taught, they are innate.  Being able to spot these skills in the interview process is key to building the foundation of your culture.

Maintaining the balance of coaching and cultivating is also important.  Team members thrive off of constructive criticism, and melt down under micromanagement, having a middle ground where your managers can meet your team and communicate is difficult, but paramount to a healthy working environment.

Please contact me, and let me help you help your team.

Happy Staff – Happy Bottom Line!