Siobhan F. Health, Wellness & Fitness Coach

San Jose, California

I am Founder of Mind, Nutrition, Body Catalyst Coaching & Mentoring.

My background is based in teaching. I received my degree from the University of Toronto in Canada. I moved cross country and had to re-create friendships, my support network and family. My education coupled with my professional and personal experience lead me to pursue certifications in the health and wellness realm- personal trainer, nutrition coach and life coach.  The next step was to create my own business as well as, form working relationships with others in the area of fitness. Being an entrepreneur is exciting, busy and fraught with ups and downs.  Working with a coach can be very helpful to protect yourself from making costly mistakes and to assist in keeping you accountable and on track.

I’m happy to provide guidance and additional expertise in the following areas:  How to set up a sole proprietorship and/or LLC in the state of California, Why a name and domain are important and how to go about establishing those, What online resources are available for you to establish your business, The importance of social media, The importance of correctly setting up your business accounts and bookkeeping, Goal setting and Accountability- Life Coach, Fitness-personal trainer specializing in female athletes and their health, and Nutrition Coach-which diet works.

Big Life Transitions: How Siobhan Fitzgerald Embraced Selfcare in Life and Business

From caregiving to entrepreneurship, life and work take a toll on your health and wellness. This is a fact Siobhan Fitzgerald, a personal trainer, nutrition, and life coach, knows too well. However, she uses her first-hand experiences of big life transitions to ease the path for other women. 

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Siobhan grew up when kids had to be pretty self-sufficient, like helping around the house and working while juggling school and work schedules. Twenty years ago, while pregnant with her first daughter, she relocated to Seattle, Washington, with her husband. In doing so, she left behind her country, teaching career, father, and friends. 

Once there, Siobhan made friends, created her support system, and continued to be a weekend warrior in cycling, hiking, rollerblading, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. Now, as a mother of two, she felt she was hitting her stride. But, soon, a move was imminent. Siobhan and her family moved to California, where they had to start all over again, developing friendships and support systems. 

However, she faced additional challenges, such as juggling two young children, including one daughter who was showing signs of anxiety and had problems focusing. Although Siobhan admits, “I have personally struggled and had many ups and downs,”  she’s taken an approach that consistently guides her through life’s hurdles. 

Over the past 14 years, Siobhan supported her ADHD child through private and public school systems and coached youth teams while continuing her education. She developed self-care techniques as a weekend warrior focusing on cycling, running, and triathlons. Her experiences as a mother, friend, teacher, coach, and wife, led her to form her business, Mind, Nutrition, Body Catalyst Coaching & Mentoring.


Siobhan says, “I took my personal and professional experience and started my own business. The business is in its infancy, but I’ve learned the essential steps for startups and how to overcome the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur during challenging times, between COVID-19 and shut-downs.” 

Furthermore, Siobhan believes four things help her get through big life transitions and difficulties: Exercise, being in nature, eating wholesome foods, and keeping up with friendships. According to Siobhan, “Taking time for myself to ensure I keep up my self-care is essential. I walk my talk, and I am passionate about self-care. I truly believe that self-care is the cornerstone of living your best life. Many women put their careers, families, friends before themselves. But to be your best self and be present and accountable to the important people in your life, you need to take care of yourself.

Take steps to meet your business and personal goals 

Are you ready to explore how to open your California business and online presence? Perhaps you need help setting personal or business goals. If you’d like to speak to someone about your personal health and wellbeing or about starting your own business, schedule a call with Siobhan.



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Expert byline:

Siobhan Fitzgerald is a personal trainer, nutrition, and life coach with over 25 years of personal and professional experience in health and wellness for females- from teens to mothers, youth athletes to weekend warriors. 

She was a teacher for ten years, from school age to secondary students. She taught physical education, health, and wellness. Also, she coached girls’ basketball and soccer teams, and The Girls on the Run program.

Siobhan holds a degree in Education from OSIE, University of Toronto, as well as Certifications in National Association of Sports Medicine ( NASM), Precision Nutrition Level 1, and iPEC Life Coaching with a specialty in the Energy Leadership Index and COR.E Dynamics.