Ben S. Restaurant & Retail Executive

Birmingham, Alabama

During my 30-year career in the Restaurant, Retail, and Service Industries, I’ve been fortunate to see what “Explosive Growth” is all about, first-hand! I started with Caribou Coffee, then just a startup with four locations. Five years later, I helped open store number 100! From there it was on to Jamba Juice, where I worked with several different ownership groups, and helped lead the overall Company from just 55 locations to over 700 units worldwide! I’ve been able to help individual owners and entrepreneurs achieve successful growth in the Restaurant, Retail, and Service industries throughout the United States.  

 Currently, I am the C.O.O. for a fast-growing entrepreneur family business, so I’m getting to experience first-hand what it’s like to be on the actual owner’s side. I’ve helped grow our Company to over 100 locations, and would welcome the opportunity to help you grow your business too!