Margo M. Conscious Leadership Coach

Chicago, IL and Vero Beach, FL

With over 35 years as a coach, senior human resources executive, university teacher and President/Member of several Chicago Boards, I draw on my business and life experience as well as specific tools to empower individuals and teams to achieve their strategic objectives and their highest vision of themselves personally and as leaders.

Working with me you will understand that the way you lead is as important as the service/product you provide.  My coaching is based on a Conscious Leadership Model which is simplistic but powerful and is a whole different conversation about leadership.   Research says that emotional intelligence and learning agility will determine a person’s success in business and in their relationships over time more than their IQ.  Due to the fast pace of business and dramatic changes in the world, leaders must be more in the present moment and collaborative.  Smart employees with a high IQ are easy to find but progressive businesses now are looking for self-awareness too as an essential quality. CEO’s realize their business cannot grow beyond the consciousness of their own leaders so if they want their businesses to grow, their team must grow too.  Make no mistake, this is a leadership model, but it has everything to do with how you live your life. I use this model with everyone I work with regardless of whether they even work. It’s a path to more ease, joy, success and connection than you already enjoy.

If you want to learn how to shift yourself and your team from a fear based, “I’m right,” defensive way of being to a higher state of learning where trust, curiosity, and commitment to learning are in the forefront, I’m your coach.  Leading from “above the line” is the only place that innovation, creativity, collaboration and connection can occur.  If businesses aren’t on the forefront of this leadership shift, they might find that their business is moving faster than its leaders. Plus, those that lead above the line will clearly win the talent war.

Working with me, you can count on trust, authenticity, directness, bold questioning, accountability and I promise, it will be engaging!

My credentials:

  • Bucknell University BA
  • New York University MBA
  • University of Vermont M.Ed./Student Personnel
  • Certifications:
    • Conscious Leadership Group (Conscious Leadership, Conscious Living and Conscious Parenting)
    • The Sedona Method
    • Enneagram Worldwide
    • The Hendricks Institute
    • The Science of Happiness: University of California/Berkeley

Margo Montgomery on Overcoming Challenges and Discovering Her Passion as a Conscious Leadership Coach

Finding your path in life isn’t always clear-cut. However, uncovering your strengths and passions can lead to success and satisfaction. In this interview with Margo Montgomery, a Conscious Leadership Coach, she reveals how personal struggles helped her discover what she’s good at and how to better help others. 

Overcoming personal challenges  

After a tumultuous divorce, Margo sought out coaching. She says, “I went through a personal transformation that was unimaginable to me. Trust me; it was painful at times. I had to learn what I was responsible for in that relationship so I wouldn’t repeat it again. Through the struggle, it became clear how I get in my own way. I released old beliefs that no longer served me and took responsibility for my part in the breakdown of the relationship. Developing self-awareness and taking responsibility for my life rather than blaming others brought clarity and landed me with a business I love, deeper intimacy in my relationships, and more flow, joy, and creativity than I had ever experienced before. ” 

Discovering a passion for coaching

Shortly after Margo’s coaching experience, she realized that she wanted to support others in a similar way. According to Margo, “This life we have isn’t a dress rehearsal, and we are not here to play small!  Plus, I want to leave a wide wake in the world and create an impact. I believe that supporting people to wake up to the truth of who they are, to become the best versions of themselves, and support them to bring their unique gifts to the world that only they can bring ripples out in the world.”  

Noticing and capitalizing on potential

Pretty early on, Margo understood that her strengths could help others. She notices people’s potential and helps them realize it with a supportive yet challenging approach. Margo explains, “Research says that self-awareness and learning agility over the course of a leader’s career will determine their success more than IQ. I don’t want to minimize intelligence, but it’s not enough the way the world is going. We need to grow our mental capacity to deal with the world’s complexity and pace, which is not going away.”


To this end, Margo helps clients tap into other capacities of intelligence and inner resources of which they aren’t even aware. As a result, she says, “They see more truth, make better decisions and choices and start to feel more flow, ease and clarity and consequently,  a greater joy and success than they have known.”


Motivators behind Margo’s passion

Margo’s enthusiasm stems from her life’s purpose: Supporting consciousness in the world, particularly in the business world. She believes companies can be part of the solution to society’s ills. 


Moreover, she mentions that “I do this work because supporting people to be the best version of themselves helps them to be happier and more compassionate with themselves and others which ripples out in the world. To me, it’s the hope for ending racism, war, and peace on earth. My life goal is to leave a wide wake of people who become the best versions of themselves to support others to do the same.

How conscious leadership coaching helps professionals

Today’s leaders need self-awareness to cope with their own stress while learning how to manage others and delegate tasks successfully. Margo says, “Research tells us leaders who are self-aware and learning agile will be more successful than those with a high IQ or who hold a specific competency. Leaders need to be more mindful and open to what is happening now and less reliant on their competencies and what was successful in the past.”


Furthermore, what worked in the past doesn’t always work today. Margo refers to the “old paradigm” as one that “increased market share, great new products, and beat competition but it also produced burn out, high turnover, steep healthcare costs, and often dysfunctional teams.”


With the speed and complexity of technology, a shift is needed. To meet this challenge, Margo recommends that organizations switch to a conscious approach. She says, “A conscious organization is collaborative, creative, and innovative. It embraces the humanity of people. Employees feel more passionate about their work and more connected with their peers as all solutions are a win-win. As a result, these organizations will win the labor war.” 

Margo’s approach as a Conscious Leadership Coach

To help leaders adjust to today’s requirements, Margo guides them toward self-awareness. She also works with teams by teaching “Conscious Leadership, a new paradigm for sustainable success in the business world.”


Margo describes how sessions with clients move forward. She says, “During our work together, we will use the Enneagram, a personality assessment tool, and you will see a simple but powerful model called ‘Leading Above the Line’ developed by my mentors Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman. It shows you specifically the path to creating a conscious organization and leadership team. This model defines the path to the future of leadership, and you can be at the forefront of it, or I promise you, you will be chasing it!”

Take your company to the next level using conscious leadership

Learn how to transform your organization, starting with yourself. Margo works with you and your teams to visualize your path while achieving your goals. Explore your potential by scheduling a call with Margo