Jena B. Customer Engagement Expert

Houston, Texas

The service or product you offer is AMAZING – no doubt, but it’s a challenge attracting new customers.

Or you have a steady flow of first-timers but getting them to spend on a regular basis isn’t the trend.

And you definitely have a devoted patronage, but they’ve already maxed out their spend with you.

I help entrepreneurs discover ways to attract new businessdeepen the relationship of current customers and provide opportunity for increased spend by building levels of engagement into their business strategy.

The 20+ years of expertise I bring to the table is a culmination of the training, leadership and support I’ve accumulated throughout my career from each of the stellar organizations I had the pleasure of working for.  They each recognized and placed a high value on brand loyalty because it is the key to not only maintaining market-share but vital to revenue growth.

10 Years – Account Manager 

Meetings & Conventions
As a successful account manager, my role was to grow the relationship of current accounts encouraging greater investment year over year + prospect for new accounts with higher spending potential + also target business that fills a “need” or “low” period.

–The San Luis Resort, Galveston, Landry’s Inc,

–Hotel Galvez and The Tremont House, Galveston, Wyndham Grand Hotels

–Caesars Entertainment Lake Tahoe, New Orleans & Bossier City

–Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas

Corporate Catering Sales
–Straits & Sino, Houston – Also Asst. GM & Banquets (Based in San Jose, CA)

–Bradley Ogden Hospitality, Houston (BFD based in Menlo Park, CA)

–Rosemary’s Catering, Houston (Based in San Antonio)

8 Years Business Ownership
Starting my career as a business owner was the beginning of my deep passion for entrepreneurship.  I was instilled with a deep sense of responsibility for the entire customer experience and through trial and error – confirmed that a strategically curated experience had a profoundly positive impact on our bottom line, most significantly increasing our average sale to $1,000.  For a Family Portrait.  In 2002.  In a small south Texas border town.  Enough Said?

–Grace Photography, Mission, Texas

4 Years Entertainment/Cruise Ship
Almost four years on a cruise ship sailing around the Hawaiian Islands as part of the Cruise Director’s staff provided the opportunity to practice quickly building rapport with guests.  My job was to elevate their enjoyment at every opportunity to create a memorable experience that would motivate them to book another cruise.  Plus I was able to snorkel, hike, jump off waterfalls and all kinds of other super cool stuff!

Norwegian Cruise Lines of America, Hawaii (Norwegian Cruise Lines Based in Miami)

Together, you and I will tackle bite-size challenges targeting the specific areas of growth you would like to address, as well as brainstorm solutions and ideas for engagement PLUS outline action items so you have a road map to your next steps.

I can’t wait to get to work building a better business with you!