Daniel F. Health & Wellness Executive

New York, New York

As a parent, acupuncturist, business owner and teacher, I maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and I pride myself on a warm, personalized approach to medicine and relationships. My clients describe me as knowledgeable, encouraging, and supportive.  My holistic perspective and belief is that ‘everything is interconnected.’

I have practiced acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and internal meditation/martial arts since 1995. Prior to this pursuit, I lived in Mexico. I got very sick. After many visits to western doctors, I couldn’t find a cure. I discovered acupuncture, and it changed my life. My son, who is now 11, is an ‘acupuncture baby’. I am convinced he would not be here without the intervention of acupuncture. Over the course of many years, I have realized the greatest challenges, can also be the great gift to the world.

Along with my many professional degrees, I am committed to guide individuals and couples to attain their health and fertility goals. I have worked with a wide variety of clients from Corporate Firms, Medical/Fertility Hospitals, International Addiction Clinics, Oncology Hospitals, Cosmetic/Spa Centers, Fitness/Sports Medicine Practitioners and many more. My experiences have been a catalyst in the lifelong pursuit in health and well being. As the saying goes, “with health, one can do anything.”

I’m happy to provide guidance and additional expertise in the following areas: NCCAOM – Integrative Fertility Symposium, ABORM, Intern: Stroke and Internal Diseases Dr. Shi Xue Min, (“9000 Needles” documentary from Tianjin China), Preferred Provider: Facial/Body rejuvenation with Dr. Martha Lucas (Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System), Cancer Support with Jeffery Yuen (Jade Purity Foundation), Provider/Support: Sierra Tucson Addiction Center and Treatment of Digestive Disorders, Giovanni Maciocia.