William W., Hospitality, Restaurant Executive & Consultant

Richmond, Virginia

With 40+ years in the restaurant hospitality industry, I have truly lived the American dream in the restaurant business having both corporate multi-unit experience and being a successful entrepreneur.  I am here to provide real expert advice in all aspects of ownership, including start-ups, on-going restaurant operations, financial planning, training and people management skills, and sales and profit building techniques. I want to share my mistakes and successes with you so you too can achieve your dream in the restaurant business!

As an entrepreneur, I received three prestigious awards from two National Acclaim Publications and from the Honorable Ralph Northam, Governor of the State of Virginia.

  1. “Best Milkshake” State of Virginia Award from USA Newspaper Publication August 2019
  2. “Best Breakfast Menu” Richmond Virginia Award from Southern Living Magazine March 2010
  3.  Proclamation Award from the Honorable Ralph Northam, State of Virginia December 2019

I was also recognized as having one of the cleanest restaurant environments in Richmond, Virginia by the City of Richmond Health Department  earning us the recognition of utilizing our kitchen environment for retraining and re-certifying local city health inspectors.

In the corporate environment, I received multiple awards and accolades for people and training development, sales and profit records.

I am happy to discuss further my following areas of expertise: Restaurant Operations, People development and training techniques, Financial – profit and loss planning, Restaurant openings, including processes and strategic planning, Food Safety Compliance, Equipment Knowledge, Kitchen and Staffing plans, Food Vendor negotiations, Marketing concepts, Lease and Landlord issues, Crisis Management Skills, anticipating roadblocks and proactive to the challenges and negotiating sale and purchase contracts.

William Webb: From Minimum Wage Worker to Successful Restaurateur

Do you remember your first job? Was it bagging groceries, busing tables, or babysitting toddlers, perhaps? Those hazy memories bring sweet or possibly, for some, loathsome feelings of nostalgia. But for William Webb, his first job served as more than a faint memory. It was the springboard catapulting him to a successful 40-year career in the restaurant industry.

Building a lifelong career out of an afterschool job

The experience William gained in the first few years of employment while earning $2.25 per hour profoundly impacted him. The lessons he learned gave him a foundation on which to build a long-lasting, stable career. Lessons that still ring true today.

“During my high school years, working part-time, it became clear to me that hard work, commitment, dedication, and attention to detail in the restaurant business would provide a career path for me if I wanted it,” William said.

And he wanted it.

Growing within a corporate restaurant environment

By the time William graduated high school, he had received several promotions and found himself working full-time in an entry-level leadership role. He says, “At 19, I became the youngest assistant general manager in company history, advancing steadily over the next four years to general manager, district training manager, and finally to district manager by age 23. Once again, breaking an age barrier.”

Although he was attending Friday night football games only a few short years ago, at age 23, he oversaw eight to 10 restaurants, more than 300 employees, and annual budgets exceeding $10 million. 

The challenge: Adapting your management approach

With each promotion, William needed to expand his skill set to meet new challenges. Although he felt comfortable managing a single restaurant, overseeing multiple establishments meant adapting his approach. Instead of handling every issue himself, William needed well-trained management teams and a plan.

The solution: Providing a personal touch

William says, “I quickly realized I needed to expand on my previous successes, scaling it and taking the same personal approach to oversee eight to 10 restaurants as I did to managing one. I stuck with what worked and built on it, starting with building a strong and dependable team.”

Backed by multiple accolades and awards, William knew his management methods were effective. However, he needed to expand his approach and adopt it to meeting the needs of many employees. 

Give your employees the guidance they deserve

Employees work best when adequately trained and given clear expectations. William remarks, “My bosses taught me that lesson early on, and I paid it forward when it came time for me to assume a leadership role. An excellent training process brings employee achievement, which translates into success as a leader.”

The secret to success is teamwork

William prospered as a district manager and went on to work for other companies, setting multiple sales and profit records. He did this by focusing on his business model, “people helping people make the difference.” 

Training teams and caring about their well-being translate into stellar sales, happy staff, and long-term growth opportunities.

Make room for growth

William left corporate life behind to work for a small family-owned restaurant chain and discovered he liked the idea of entrepreneurship. After spending 12 years overseeing their restaurants, this experience of working with a family run business ignited his enthusiasm to open his first restaurant. In 1997, William and his wife made the decision to open their restaurant and “we never looked back.”

For more than 20 years, William and his wife operated their restaurant. It achieved national recognition from several publications, including USA Today and Southern Living. Plus, the restaurant earned many local awards for service and products, including a prestigious proclamation award from the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, for restaurant service to the community. 

William credits the tools he obtained and his initial start at age 16 for giving him a solid foundation in hospitality and making his achievements possible. In March of 2020, William sold the restaurant and corporation. He says, “It remains open and thriving as a family business, even through the pandemic.”

Start building your team today

Finding success as a restaurant owner hinges on forming a strong team. A well-formed training program will increase employee retention, ease stress, and give you time to focus on growth. Contact William for detailed steps on how to build an effective team and find success as an entrepreneur. Click to schedule your consultation with William