Marie O. Hospitality Professional, Healthy Chef, Entrepreneur, Health & Wellness Coach

New York, NY

Running a hospitality business is tough work and starting a new business is super challenging. There are so many pieces to the puzzle…

I walked away from my ‘all-day job’ managing one of the busiest restaurants in NYC to start my own business, so, of course, when I found myself struggling, I began to experience massive doubt. In the process, I learned a lot, and, most importantly, I realized it’s less about what you know than how you do it.

My name is Marie. I am a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a Professionally Trained Chef in Health Supportive Culinary Arts and the former General Manager of one of the busiest restaurants in NYC, grossing over 12 million annually. My areas of expertise in the industry are primarily service, labor cost and control, education & training, menu planning, healthy cooking, whole food/plant-centered/vegan and gluten-free diets, and customer service/satisfaction/retention.

In my quest to build my own successful business, tying together my diverse experience and expertise, I discovered what I really enjoy most is lifting up others to thrive in creating the business of their dreams. What I have discovered in this process is that, despite the fact most entrepreneurs, early in their journey, feel inadequate and lacking in the knowledge to succeed, what holds them back most often is personal habits and limiting beliefs.

My successful career in the Hospitality Industry, combined with my extensive training in Health & Wellness Coaching as well as expert Culinary training, provides me with a unique perspective to guide other Hospitality Professionals as they build and run their own business, while overcoming the numerous obstacles and challenges  standing in the way of success.  From managing your labor, creating a desirable menu in these fast-changing market trends, to ensuring that your personal habits aren’t sabotaging your success, and you have the energy and stamina to succeed.