Tyler S. Coffee Bar and Wine Bar Owner and CEO

Newburgh, New York

I am the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Member of Javajo’s Coffee Bar LLC.  Over the last five years, I have transformed our small little family-owned coffee shop into a community name.  Through my direction, my company has also opened, owns, and operates Javajo’s Beer & Wine Bar. We have created the “Coffee by Day” and “Wine by Night” concept to meet the needs of our community.

Under my leadership, Javajo’s Coffee Bar is currently opening our third location while continuously growing our name. As I grow my businesses, I also work tirelessly for my community and other local businesses to ensure their growth as well.  I am currently the Vice President of the Greater Monroe Chamber of Commerce, Co-Chair on the Economic Vitality Committee and an active committee member on our Monroe Downtown Revitalization committee. My passion is to grow businesses of all sizes and to help you reach your full potential.