Brandon D. Ghost Kitchens, Pizzeria Owner, Restaurateur, Entrepreneur

Detroit, Michigan

I am the owner and operator of Novella’s Pizza, an independent pizzeria with multiple locations throughout Detroit, Michigan.

The concept for Novella’s Pizza grew organically from a love for pizza and desire to build my own restaurant company. I took my passion for food and my background in the fine dining industry to create a restaurant with a strong brand, known for its exceptional food and hospitality.

Opening your own restaurant comes with many challenges. If you are a startup, I can help navigate those challenges with you including creating a Business Plan, Securing Financing, Restaurant Design & Layout, dealing with local government agencies, Permits & Licenses, and Hiring and Training an awesome Staff.

If your needs are more focused on developing an existing restaurant, or dealing with challenges such as Marketing, Staffing, Food & Labor Cost or Food Safety, I can consult on those as well. Prior to opening my own restaurant, I spent nearly 15 years managing fine-dining restaurants like Ocean Prime and J. Alexander’s.  A major portion of my career was traveling across the country and opening and operating new locations of existing restaurant concepts in their first 1-2 years of business.  My experience at those restaurants included hiring and training Front and Back of House Staff, Local Marketing, Sourcing Product & Vendors and passing all Inspections prior to opening. As General Manager at these restaurants, I was responsible for growing sales, in some cases to over $10M annually, and Executing a Profitable P&L, Managing and Motivating Large Teams and Leadership Development.