Jeannette G. Restaurant Coach, Entrepreneur, Chef

St. Petersburg, Florida

I am a highly experienced hospitality executive with 25 + years in the restaurant and catering industry. During the first seven years of my career I held several positions as Chef, Director of Catering Operations and Kitchen Manager responsible for Hiring and Training Staff. I have focused on Menu Engineering, which encompasses Description Writing, Selection Placement, Recipe Development and Cost Percentage Breakdown.

I have worked for such notable Private Clubs such as The Atrium in Manhattan, NY, which was a fine dining and health spa, accommodating professional sports figures, journalists and actors.  In addition, I worked at Oak Hill Country Club (the only club to have hosted three PGA Championships) in Pittsford, NY, inside “Oscars,” a popular themed restaurant honoring the movie industry. It was a pre- and post-performance choice of those attending events in the City of Rochester, such as the Eastman Theater.  I managed and developed their Catering Department and was the Director of Ordering for Kitchen Operations.

I have owned four culinary specialty businesses and have successfully sold and assisted clients in selling businesses. In particular, I specialize in helping clients during their startup phase. I know through my years of being an owner that if you do not start strong you cannot stay strong.

Working with me can help you get through the challenging times and keep you on track. Oftentimes, many entrepreneurs start their restaurants blindly and try to learn as they go along. I believe that is one of the main reasons there is such a high fatality rate in the restaurant industry! If you want to leverage your success and not waste precious time and money, you need to think about the help of my expertise.