Gene B. Independent Restaurant Operations Coach

Fort Lee, New Jersey

Hello, my name is Professor Gene Bazzarelli, MBA.  Yes, in addition to owning an operating restaurants & catering companies, I also teach young adults the in’s & outs of Hospitality Management.  If they can pick up my impactful policies and procedures to better restaurant operations, then anyone can.

Look, I am sure you have a good concept, and I know you are extremely passionate about your business as well as your livelihood, just like I am.  But how do you get your employees, the people on your front lines to also feel that energy and love for your business?  And most importantly how can you keep them engaged in doing things your way once your back is turned? It’s not easy but it’s achievable, we can do this together!

My strength lies in the day-to-day operations of your independent business, the trenches.  I have a proven track record of converting losers into winners, dogs into stars and businesses that are losing money into profitable ones.  I am fully engaged at all levels of operations at improving back of house operations to front of house staffing, establishing service goals, initiating quality social media marketing, driving take-out orders, streamlining delivery, breaking into catering, boosting alcohol/wine sales, landing steady corporate catering and rehabbing community perception.

I have done a lot in my career but none of that matters if I cannot help you accomplish your goals.  I hold a BS in Restaurant Management, an MBA in Marketing, and a Restaurant Operations Certificate from a top-level Ivy League program.  I am a certified mixologist, SERV safe certified as well as a seasoned wine professional.

There is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to restaurant operations because everything does and will happen within your four walls at some point, reach out to me today, I would love to help you.