Erin D. Hospitality Expert, Life Coach, Yoga Instructor

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Like many things that shape a life, childhood and family have played a decisive role for me.  Being raised in a traditional Italian family meant learning food and hospitality happened very early for me and were my first predisposed job opportunities as I grew up and pre-paired to enter the professional world.  Over the years of my professional life in Food & Beverage, I have explored many facets of the industry, taking a particular liking to privately owned hotels, restaurants, being a private chef, and hospitality & operations for small to large scale events.  I have excelled in providing high end to family fun levels of hospitality, operations, event creation, budget management, and more for groups of 20 to 50,000 at a time.

As with many things, life took a drastic shift for me when I learned that a childhood accident was causing me to have seizures that could not be explained.  I start on a learning path by becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, Training with Guru’s, Teachers, and Professionals in the Holistic Field to further unwind the way to real healing.  As I have walked this path, I have been fortunate to have many diverse experiences, which have enlarged my perspective on health, healing, and well-being.  I help people embody new ways of being to respond to life in a more empowered, conscious, and healthy way.

As a Chef, Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher I use the strength of all of my experiences to help people achieve whole-bodies & life transformations. I have been able to teach healthy eating, day to day activities, and mindfulness techniques to people through coaching, workshops, classes, one-on-one energy healing sessions, and motivational talks, so they live their lives by establishing new habits to remove stress, be happy, conscious, and free.

I have worked with various clients, including business owners and executives, teachers & students, corporations, trauma survivors, and individuals from all walks of life. It is my pleasure to continue to be of service to the community.