Anita T. Educationist, Business Owner, Senior Fitness Specialist, Health & Wellness Professional

Grand County, CO

Call me AT or Dr. AT or Anita 😊 I am a passionate educationist turned entrepreneur. I was born and raised in the land of spirituality and it is an integral part of my personality.

I have 17 years of experience in the fitness industry.  I took a deep dive into Health and Physical Education in 1992 when I got a full scholarship admission into a bachelor’s degree program. There was no looking back since.  I completed a master’s degree and was awarded a PhD in Physical Education in 2006. I studied different training methods and their effects on various motor components. I keep myself updated by reading lot of research articles, attending continuing education courses and webinars. I have membership with the Shape America and Idea Fit health and fitness organization which also keeps me current with professional development.

I have taught internationally in two different universities for almost 17 years. My specialization areas are Conditioning, Training Methods, Fitness Nutrition, Life-Style Coaching, Weight Loss, Senior Fitness and Health Education. Teaching a diverse population gave me a unique insight into training and inspiring students of various ethnic groups and ages as they bring along with their kids, mothers, and sisters.  Their goals and motivations to attend my classes ranged from fun, to lifestyle change, to weight loss and performance enhancement.

I have been working with seniors as well and that inspired me to acquire specialization in Senior Fitness and Functional Aging from NASM and ACE.

I have a range of skills from writing theory and practicum classes to organizing campus sporting events for the community. These multiple community events also included healthy food shows and

presentations on various communicable and non-communicable diseases. I strongly believe in educational methods and hands-on experience to create awareness. I organized guided theory cum practical classes for stress management, designed and delivered sessions for staff development activities.

I am blessed to have learned from all over the world. I have attended various national and international conferences, workshops, and refresher courses. I have been a globe trotter. My first international destination was Greece in 2004 where summer Olympic Games were held. Since then, I have been to 22 countries thus far. I have vacationed in different wellness resorts, visited training facilities, explored urban designs and exposed to different cultures, traditions, languages, food, and clothing etc., etc., It has been a wonderful learning experience.

I immigrated to US and established my own small business in the fitness and wellness industry. That was another very eye-opening experience. From creating a business concept, choosing a name, operating it on a daily basis and handling the legal and financial aspects….I learned a lot. Working for banking institutions prepared me for real life applications in business accounting including getting a business tax ID. I bought my business domain, developed website, created social media plugins.

I can show you various virtual platforms for trainings, meetings, and webinars. I can guide you to set up your fitness studio at a minimum cost with all the finer details and to establish yourself as a virtual training professional whether its fitness, nutrition, or any other field.

I am passionate about sharing knowledge and real-life experiences to empower other new entrepreneurs who are switching to different roles. Been there, done that…So, yes! I know it is not easy! I can help you. Book an introductory call with me to discuss your questions on fitness and wellness business development.

Journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. Share with me where you are in your journey and I would love to guide you further.