Sarah B. Massage Therapist, Business Owner, Relationship Manager

San Diego, CA

Congratulations on starting your own massage practice or health & wellness business!  Way to go for taking the leap into entrepreneurship and for reaching out for advice. Let’s take the next steps together towards a solid foundation for success.

I’ve been a massage therapist for 12 years and have worked in many settings in different roles.  I’ve worked in a fitness club as the sole massage therapist and built a massage program from the ground up.  I’ve been an employee at chain massage clinics, spas, chiropractor’s offices, and a mobile massage company. I’ve been a spa manager, being responsible for the success of other massage therapists and the financial success of the spa as a whole. I’ve started my own practice and rented office space to see my regular clients. All of this experience was preceded by a career as a hotel and restaurant manager, after I finished my bachelor’s degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management from the University of Delaware.

The skills I’ve perfected over the years that make me an expert are building a loyal massage client base and getting the best work out of a team of spa practitioners. Both of these skills require the same thing: relationship management. It’s basis of a successful practice and it’s helpful in all of the aspects of day to day business operations. I can help build your skills for relationship management and dive deeper into operating your practice such as setting up an office, creating a business model, and attracting new clients. I can also offer help in building an excellent spa team of professionals who are just as passionate as you. I’m looking forward to hearing about your business and helping make it everything you envision it to be.