Kurt J. Startup Specialist, Epigenetics, Wellness & Human Performance

Dallas, Texas

I’m a life long-entrepreneur with passion, talent, and experience in services & product development including a nationally recognized yoga system and one of the first direct to consumer epigenetics products, public speaking, television hosting, performance coaching, franchising, nutritional supplements, biohacking, kung fu and dream capturing (not chasing). I have over 30 years of start-up experience focusing on improving, often disrupting existing markets.
I’ve been able to find success pursuing my passions since I was 12 years old with my first company. Besides the dedication and grit required for any kind of success, I have a practiced passion to make the complex more accessible and actionable. I can often help a company or a person simplify in order to create clarity and a strategy to go forward. I did it when I took a small yoga studio my sister and I started on credit cards and a prayer and turned it into nationally recognized system of yoga with multiple corporate and franchise locations with no outside funding. I further refined the skill, when I took the idea of answering the three questions I was asked while teaching over ten thousand yoga classes and transformed the answer into the most accurate direct to consumer genetic analysis provider in the country at the time. That company generated millions of dollars in direct to consumer generic analysis helping over ten thousand people around the globe.
Along the way, I got to host my own internationally televised TV show, work with pro athletes, top doctors and researchers around the world, serve as the official instructor of the Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleaders, teach classes at huge festivals and travel the world.
I also made many critical errors, wasted a lot of time and money and learned countless lessons.
I would love to be able to travel back in time and save myself younger self a lot struggle and false starts. Obviously, that is not possible however what is possible is to offer you what I have learned and assist you in your pursuits. I truly enjoy helping others and that’s why I am here.