Lisa B. Executive Sales Coach & Trainer

Snellville, Georgia

With over 30 years experience in the health, wellness and fitness industry, I am passionate about helping people help others.  I have assisted thousands of individuals improve their skills and interactions with patients from a screening or lecture scenario, to handling appointments over the phone, to closing large cash care plans.  Motivating someone to change poor health, and unhealthy living, takes knowing how to connect with them on an emotional level.  There is an art to helping someone realize how to take charge and change their life for the better.  I am here to help anyone learn to do that – front desk, case manager, NP, PA or Doctor.  In addition to sales training, I also am an expert at recognizing holes in your business, and walking through how to fill those holes which results in an increase in your bottom line.  By being 100% dedicated to my clients, it is my purpose to drive you to greatness in your business.  If you want to help more people in their health journey, I am the person to help you get there.  I have hundreds of hours in audio trainings for groups as well as 1:1 sessions.  My clients describe me as motivating, passionate and fun.  By helping you be the best you can be, we are able to help more people live the best life they possibly can.