Nicholas S. Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner

Boston, Massachusetts

Nicholas Stanley is currently based in Boston, Massachusetts as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist guiding others to discover a new way of transforming their life in relation to how they show up in the world. My mission is to create a safe energetic space of healing for individuals, allowing them to embrace and discover their own unique gift(s) while ascending into the version of their Best Self, through the use of various healing modalities. Covid-19 has brought along the opportunity for myself to work with clients across the United States, in areas such as Phoenix Arizona, New York, NY, Kentucky, New Mexico, Hawaii, Alabama and Los, Angeles, CA and even in other Countries such as India and the UK.

Many of us have dreams of the life we desire to create but we stop “believing” in the realm of “possibility.”  Over the years of growing and expanding in my own life, I have created and integrated a balance between Eastern and Western approaches for transforming limiting thoughts into huge positive changes in people’s lives through the use of Clinical Hypnosis & Ancient Healing Modalities.  As a Professional Coach & Hypnotherapist, I apply what I’ve learned from work experience in the Mental Health Field along with my education background & coach from personal experience to create rapid results with the individuals who are READY to create SHIFT.

As an individual with lived experience with trauma, anxiety and depression, the education that I have received has strengthened my ability to connect with my client’s experiences on a deeper level than individuals who are only “book smart.”

There are many people who are seeking change in the world we live in. This change we are seeking is getting to know the “Self”  that lives within each and everyone of us; and then discovering a new way how we can relate to one another.  How we tune into this way of Being is being consciously aware of our breath, triggers and connection to our Beliefs that we’ve adopted as our “Truth” which controls and governs our reality.  Doing the “inner work” which is being responsible for healing ourselves and not letting circumstances from the past control certain areas of life.  Seeking Self growth and development you’ll start to realize that life is okay as it is. Since we’re all living in our own game of life and it’s up to us to listen to our hearts and remember who we really are.

My mission is to create a new outlook for the culture we are born into and create new positive changes in the lives of others. It is my deepest hope that the world begins realizing that individuals who experience mental health challenges are most often “misunderstood” in the world society has encouraged us to be. And in fact, the conversation about “Mental Health” is extremely important to have. A lot of people are walking around in life projecting limiting beliefs and controlling populations that are considered “not of the norm” or even looked down upon.  We all have different life experiences, however what connects us all is the “game of life” is how we interact with each other.

The natural development of life isn’t always something you can learn from the books or receiving some sort of external validation to prove your worthiness of Being. If you are not fulfilled with what you have created in your life and seeking to discover a deeper meaning behind your purpose and personal mission, you have discovered the right space to do so. “Anxieties” , “addiction” and “depression” are masks covering up our greatest and Highest Potential. Interested in a new way of receiving transformation and ready to step into a new reality? It is my hope that by connecting inward, you are able to be more consciously aware of how your thoughts create your reality and how you can become free from conditions of the mind.