Courtney S. Executive Health, Nutrition & Mindset Coach

Denver, Colorado

I have 15 plus years of experience full time in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, cycle instructor and Pilates Instructor. She has helped over 300 plus professionals, shift their mindset and increase their energy and focus to be more productive at work, lose weight, eliminate stress, live a healthier lifestyle, get stronger, leaner, reverse aging, improve their relationships and completely transform their health and bodies. I’m owner of Thrive Wellness and Fitness and previously worked in Denver, Co for 24 Hour Fitness, Cherry Creek Athletic Club, Colorado Athletic Clubs, Endorphin Gym and Pilates Evolution.

My certifications include NASM certified personal trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist, Nutrition Fitness Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Golf Fitness Specialist, Spin Certified Instructor and Polestar Pilates level 1 Instructor. I was the top grossing Master Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in Glendale, CO upon her departure and one of the top in the region. In 2008, I was chosen out of 5,000 personal trainers at 24 Hour Fitness, to attend the Beijing Olympic Games as a Fitness Ambassador to work at the High Performance Training Center for Olympic athletes at Beijing NU University.

In 2010, I left 24 Hour Fitness to open my own business. I went from doing in person training to offering a complete virtual health, nutrition, and fitness program online for executives and entrepreneurs. I wanted to offer my clients more value and services to help them not only transform their bodies, but to feel better and work more productively in their businesses. This was very different from doing only workouts for clients. I needed to create a comprehensive business plan and model to deliver these kinds of results. Most importantly, I needed the business knowledge structure and support to start, run and manage my business.