Kori M. Physical Therapist - Emphasis in Health Promotion/Prevention

El Prado, New Mexico

Health and wellness are just who I am! I have been a licensed physical therapist for over 23 years and have practiced in almost every setting there is ;out-patient, in-patient acute and long-term care as well as pediatrics. What I know is that we are all looking to do our best and be our best! I have learned there are key strategies to make these things happen regardless of setting and I am ready and willing to share what I know.

I have owned and operated a large private practice physical therapy clinic and fitness center, a contract-based therapy company, and  have served as director for multiple not for profits where we worked to promote healthy practices in every walk of life, including hosting the largest multi-sport events in the state. Ultimately, my practice has evolved, and I now place health promotion and prevention at the forefront of all of my work. If we can come together to get upstream of problems before they get to the level of disease, we can make a huge impact on our families, neighbors, community, and country.

On a personal note, I walk the walk. I played collegiate volleyball, I’m a five-time Ironman finisher and have completed more marathons than I can recall. I’m an avid hiker and I have even taken up racing with pack burros in crazy trail races. (Picture running alongside a donkey heading towards a would be miner’s claim…so much fun!)

I have a diverse, unique background and a wealth of experience in this industry.  I would be glad to help you work to do your best and be your best!