Patti S. Mind/Body Mentor for Midlife Women

Las Vegas, Nevada

In many ways, I have been working with the mind/body connection all my life. First as a dance studio owner and instructor for over 25 years. Then moving on to become a Pilates and yoga instructor, and now helping women in midlife learn to listen to and trust their inner guidance so they can awaken to their wisdom and power.

Throughout our lives, we experience so many changes. Many which cause us to lose touch with who we are. And lose trust in ourselves and our choices. We lose connection to our source – our true self.

Having gone through a life changing experience myself at midlife, has helped to give me the insight and compassion to help other women faced with the same challenges. I offer support and guidance so you don’t have to be on this journey alone, as I did.

Using my training as an Akashic Records Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Holy Fire 111 Usui and Karuna Master/Teacher, the facilitator for my Women’s Soul Journey monthly online circle, a certified Pilates and yoga instructor (including Trauma Recovery Yoga), various sound vibration techniques, Supreme Science Qigong instructor, crystal healer, essential oil advocate, and the Mind/Body Mentor for a Corporate Spiritual Care Program, I am able to incorporate these modalities into individual services, as well as 1:1 mentoring sessions to help women release their blocks and conditioning and allow them to make choices aligned to their authentic self and help bring their life into balance – body, mind & soul.

How Patti Stevens Shifted Into a New Life at Mid-life


Although Patti Stevens has worked with the mind and body connection all of her life, it wasn’t until mid-life that she discovered her true path. Yet, her journey didn’t begin from a profound realization. 


Instead, she says, “Midlife crisis, crossroad, whatever you call it, I never actually thought about it. All I knew was that it was time to make some changes in my life if I was going to be happy.” Learn how Patti transformed her life and began her journey to guide and support other women. 

When and how did you change your life? 

After 25 years of marriage and owning a dance studio for the same amount of time, I sold most of my household furnishings and moved across the country—not knowing anyone or having a job. I just knew this was what I had to do.


It wasn’t easy, but I survived—no drugs needed for depression or anxiety. I actually felt peaceful. Although I really didn’t understand how this could be!


As I worked various jobs, I even started another dance business. Yet, I realized there was still something missing in my life.

How did you find the missing pieces?

I felt there was something I should be doing but couldn’t seem to find it. What was my purpose in this new act of my life? Since I was “starting over,” this was the perfect time to learn more about myself. 


I started doing Pilates again and soon was offered a job as an instructor. Then I saw an ad for a Qigong weekend workshop and felt drawn to attend. This was the start of an amazing journey for me!


After that workshop, I took the teacher training for Qigong, yoga, and Reiki. And also became certified as an Akashic Soul Realignment® practitioner and crystal healer.


All these modalities helped me to understand myself more and connect to my soul’s purpose. I didn’t feel restless or alone anymore. 


This was when I felt the need to offer support to other women going through this act in their life. Having been there myself, and without support, I didn’t want other women to have to do it alone as I did.

Did you have a healthy lifestyle before your journey?

Yes, having a healthy lifestyle helped me along my journey. A near-death illness at age seven, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, which is usually caused by an allergic reaction to a drug, made me aware of the harmful effects of toxins and chemicals in products we use every day and how they affect our health. 


My skin would actually peel off using certain soaps—no matter how mild they were. And forget commercial cleaning products. I would develop a rash in a second. Being aware of how unhealthy these products are on our bodies and using more natural products has always been a priority for me.


And now that I have studied and learned about human energy vibrations and how our foods, products, and environment affect our vibration, I realize even more how important it is to be aware of what we put on and in our bodies.

What do you do now?

Helping women learn to listen to and trust their inner guidance so they can awaken to their power and wisdom has become my mission. And not to have to do it alone!


Using information from the Akashic Records, chakra analysis, Reiki, sound vibration tools, crystals, and essential oils, I help women release their blocks and conditioning. Moreover, they also create a healthy lifestyle through food and product choices based on their individual bodies’ needs.


This allows them to make decisions aligned to their authentic self and help bring their life into balance—body, mind, and soul.

Awaken your wisdom with help from Patti

Whether you feel stuck in your life or want to transform your corporate culture, Patti can help. Schedule a call with Patti to learn how to align your mind, body, and soul as a path towards empowerment.