Patti S. Mind/Body Mentor for Midlife Women

Las Vegas, Nevada

In many ways, I have been working with the mind/body connection all my life. First as a dance studio owner and instructor for over 25 years. Then moving on to become a Pilates and yoga instructor, and now helping women in midlife to connect to their true self and bring their mind, body and soul into balance.

Throughout our lives, we experience so many changes. Many which cause us to lose touch with who we are. And lose trust in ourselves and our choices. We lose connection to our source – our true self.

Having gone through a life changing experience myself at midlife, has helped to give me the insight and compassion to help other women faced with the same challenges. I offer support and guidance so you don’t have to be on this journey alone, as I did.

Using my training as an Akashic Records Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Holy Fire 111 Usui and Karuna Master/Teacher, the facilitator for my Women’s Soul Journey monthly online circle, a certified Pilates and yoga instructor (including Trauma Recovery Yoga), Supreme Science Qigong instructor, essential oil advocate, and the Mind/Body Mentor for a Corporate Spiritual Care Program, I am able to incorporate these modalities into individual services, as well as 1:1 mentoring sessions to help women connect to your true self, so they can move onto the next act in your life journey feeling vibrant and fulfilled.