Tamara S. Life Transition Coach, Corporate Wellness Professional

Long Beach, California

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an option in Sports Medicine and an emphasis in Health and Wellness. I began my “career” as an athlete who served on the Junior National Olympic Luge Team and hold my Personal Training certificates through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with my C.P.T, C.E.S, P.E.S, W.L.S. and ELDOA I & II Certifications. I am a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, as well as a Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release™ and Hypnotherapy, certified through the Association of Integrative Psychology.

After working as a Master Fitness Trainer for 24 Hour Fitness for seven years, I was approached by one of my clients, the Director of Physical Distribution at a major Supply Chain Distribution Company in southern California, to create the Industrial Athlete Program (a robust Corporate Wellness Program) to help incoming employees transition to the physical demands of the warehouse positions. I singularly created, implemented, and executed the program from the ground up, and am in my tenth year of operation with the company. The program itself includes a Strength and Flexibility Risk Assessment, a Wellness Survey, One to One Health Coaching, Personal Training, Stress Management, Applied Ergonomics, basic nutrition guidance, goal setting, and health strategies. During this time, I created Ergonomic Training Manuals companywide for all ten departments within the warehouse operation, made operational improvement suggestions, to date of which 79% were implemented, and have had over 350 employees successfully complete her program with a 94.4% completion rate. My Industrial Athlete Program is available for Fitness Professionals and mid to large size corporations as a complete turn-key system including several tiers of support and consultation.

In 2012, I founded and developed The Grieving Mind after sustaining several losses, back to back from December 2009 to April 2010. In the same month, my divorce was final, I lost my mother to her final battle with cancer after caring for her for three years. The winter months were spent closing a Medical Recruiting Business with my then business partner due to fraudulent activity by the franchisor. In late February, my brother was killed by the police in what would be a wrongful death lawsuit against a police department in southern California. In April, just six weeks after my brother’s death, I found my mother’s home gutted by my aunt who incorrectly assumed she would be receiving my mother’s house following her death.

After searching for answers on how to cope, I attempted therapy for a short period of time with minimal relief from symptoms, and minimal relief from a low dose anti-anxiety medication. I was in the crux of complicated grief and was experiencing complex-PTSD symptoms regarding some of the details of my brother’s death. In 2015 I met a phenomenal coach who helped me see the grip the deaths and losses still had on me and it was at this time, in one tiny moment, I realized I didn’t need to hold onto the grief any longer to “prove” my love for my mom and brother. It was altering in the same exact way the losses themselves were and my old paradigm for life, all those old structures burned down right before my very eyes. This transmutation was specifically the catalyst needed to move forward and, in the fall of 2017, I became a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Mental and Emotional Release ™ Master Practitioner as a tool to guide others through their grief process. The Grieving Mind was founded on the premise that no one should feel they are alone in their grieving, that we can recover from deep, profound, and even horribly tragic loss through developing healthy coping strategies that truly work.

I was published in the NASM Online Fitness Journal twice and the April 2019 issue of the IDEA Fitness Journal and have created a business to help others traverse major life shifts through my website, www.TheGrievingMind.com.      I have appeared on several podcasts including Your Money, Your Life (Episode #34), Wake up with Wonder (episodes #80 and #85), Myths, Mating, & Mindset (Episode # 45 & #47) and Pure Dedication to Healing (Episode #8). I created a Grief Journal to help guide others through their grief processes and that journal was gifted to seventeen different Grief Centers throughout the United States and Canada. You may be contact me at [email protected].