Amber H. Hospitality Professional, Restaurant Owner, Chef, Mentor

Columbus, Ohio

“Life is service. The one who progresses is the one who gives his fellow man a little more – a little better service.”

E.M Statler: Founding Benefactor to the Statler School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University

As a respected hospitality professional, providing others with the experiences of personalized care and comfort is a way life. “Life is service”: service is not simply just the industry we are working within. Dedication to the understanding of being in the business of people with demonstrated devotion to associates just as to guests has supported building relationships and creating healthy work environments as key contributions I have made in many settings. Being people oriented and just as product quality driven with 24 years of practical working knowledge across front and back of house operations has developed my balanced, proactive, results driven style.

The first steps of this professional journey were taken at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. A strong educational focus was given to independent restaurant operations as it was my childhood dream to one day own my own restaurant. I often tell the story that as a child I did not play house or dolls, I played restaurant. This life clearly chose me just as much as I have chosen it. As an eternal student, my quest for knowledge continued its educational tour at the Institute of Culinary Education, formerly Peter Kumps’ New York Cooking School, and the Master Court of Sommeliers. The business and life lessons of these experiences continue to guide and inspire my path today and were instrumental in making the dream my reality. The doors to DeepWood, the restaurant paying respect to my childhood and named after the street I grew up on, opened to a family of team members and guests in 2008. It, its people and I have since been honored with such respects as Best New Restaurant, Top Ten Restaurant List, The Central Ohio Restaurant Association’s Outstanding Restaurant, National Zagat and AAA status, Best Chef, James Beard House Guest Chef and Top Ten Leaders to Know in Hospitality.

In living a life of service, the drive to care for, unite, nourish and celebrate people are also commitments made to other hospitality professionals as well as to society. There is a call to action to build, and in a sense given the challenges of today to rebuild, the food and beverage industry while fostering a stronger culinary community for us all. The opportunity I now welcome is the opportunity to translate my personal education and experience into a language for your own professional confidence and voice, building your business and speaking to your financial success. It is the ongoing expression of my commitment to provide personalized care and service. The areas of entrepreneurship, independent restaurant ownership: fine and fast-casual dining concepts, menu writing and associated recipe development, standardization, costing and pricing, waste management, vegetarian and vegan cooking, local and seasonal cooking as well as wine list curation are areas of expertise within my portfolio I am happy to share. Additional areas for guidance include staff training/education/growth, guest experience and relationship development and community involvement/volunteerism.

I welcome the opening dialogue on engaging in a partnership with you; I trust it will speak to a mutually rewarding connection. I look forward to continuing this conversation and progressing together.