Michael C. Holistic Health Practitioner & Health Strategy Coach

Richmond, Virginia

I am on a mission to teach the world that we are all capable of intrinsic healing and we have the ability to transform into the envisioned version of ourselves.  I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and Health Strategy Coach. I help entrepreneurs and business professionals create a foundation of health to be successful in their business, health and life.  I will help you create sustainable health and business strategies to 10 times your business, feel physically and mentally fit while you make an impact in the world with your unique gifts and talents.  By strengthening your physical, mental and emotional health you can use this foundation of health to build your brand, relationships and vision of success.

By using my story of health transformation I can share with you first hand what it takes for you to transform your health and business to live a life of joy, vibrancy and wealth.  I overcame Tourette’s Syndrome, a severe speech impediment, severe asthma, obesity, ADHD and an eating addiction.  I now enjoy power lifting, cross fit, hiking and living a life that I enjoy.  I feel 15 years younger with wisdom 15 years older.  I am an entrepreneur, business owner and U.S. Marine. I have studied and learned from top doctors, experts, entrepreneurs and millionaires.  I want to share this knowledge with you and help you create health and business strategies to transform your life in ways you never thought possible. I look forward to meeting you and helping you 10 times your health and business.