6 Brewery Event Ideas That Attract New Customers

Jessica Elliott

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Whether you want to boost slow afternoons or increase your nighttime crowd, brewery event ideas help you attract new customers. Drawing new business is essential as competition in the industry increases. The Brewers Association reports:

  • The brewery count hit 7,450 in 2018. Up by 5,990 since 2006.
  • Craft brewer sales continue to grow at a rate of 4% by volume.

Although overall beer volume sales are down, customers are flocking to microbreweries and craft pubs. A strategy that includes beer marketing events is crucial. Sure, you can go all out with a massive New Year’s Eve party or other holiday celebrations. However, you’ll gain more traction with brewery taproom marketing geared towards your main objective: bringing new customers through your doors. 

Group of friends clinking glasses at a brewery event

1. Promote private event packages.

Many breweries book private events. But, you can put a unique twist on brewery events by creating special packages for private events. Develop options that fit the type of customers that you want to attract. For example, adults hosting a bachelorette party might prefer different beverages, food, and decoration options compared to those organizing a retirement party. 

2. Host trivia and game nights.

Pub games have been around forever, and for a good reason, as people like to do something with their hands while drinking. From Bingo to shuffleboard, you can take your trivia and game night in a variety of directions. 

  • Go high-tech with handheld tablets.
  • Stick to old-school board game tournaments.
  • Combine both using your TVs for scoring. 

3. Schedule seasonal beer tasting events.

Celebrate the holidays by showcasing your newest brews that are perfect for cold weather. Or add an element of fun by promoting your event as part of a holiday experience. Seasonal events provide an opportunity for you to create a sense of scarcity or urgency that aids marketing efforts. 

4. Publicize your DIY nights.

Want to attract more women craft brew drinkers or tap into creatives in your area? Consider adding art and DIY workshops to your repertoire. You can partner with a local art studio or bring in your supplies. With the number of women craft drinkers up 25% since 2015, brewery events that add to their experience increase your reach.  

5. Piggyback on local events.

Community events like farmer’s markets, parades, and city-wide celebrations are key opportunities to showcase your brewery with creative beer events. So you should consider adding a tasting room event on Small Business Saturday or a special menu that delights hobby show/convention attendees. 

  • Get a schedule of what’s going on in your area.  
  • Design events that match the theme and occasion. 
  • Talk to local organizers for promotion opportunities.

6. Contact community clubs.

Your community most likely has a variety of clubs that hold weekly or monthly meetings. Look in your local newspaper for press releases on various clubs, then reach out with a tasting room event idea for their next gathering. Consider offering a tour, hosting a speaker, or designing a menu to match their monthly theme. 

Boost sales with creative brewery events.

Developing a list of the best brewery events is only one step in your plan. Next, you need to design a beer promotion strategy that will fill seats with new customers and help you reach your goals. Whether you enlist a PR person or handle your promotion strategy yourself, it’s crucial to get the word out. Use these brewery event ideas to attract new clients and raise brand awareness in your community. 

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