33 Health and Wellness Business Ideas

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Are you ready to turn your dream into reality? The $4.5 trillion global wellness economy is flourishing. Not only that, but there’s an almost endless stream of innovative health and wellness ideas for those looking to start a business. As more companies focus on their customers’ safety, you’ll see other companies venture into the self-care, health, and wellness market. 

Discover top growth trends and start dreaming up your next solution by exploring business ideas in growing health and wellness sectors. 

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Growth-orientated health and wellness trends

Topics around mental health and self-care interest both consumers and corporations. Going forward, corporate leaders and the general public will benefit from solutions that support healthy minds and bodies. 

The Global Wellness Institute analyzed ten wellness markets to uncover three “revenue growth leaders from 2015 to 2017.” Annual high growth sector leaders consist of:

  • Spa industry (9.8% increase)
  • Wellness tourism (6.5% increase)
  • Wellness real estate (6.4% increase)

Furthermore, recent data from PwC finds that the “focus on self-care has increased, with 51% of urban consumers agreeing or strongly agreeing that they are more focused on taking care of their mental health and wellbeing, physical health and diet as a result of COVID-19.”

Personal care, beauty, and anti-aging ideas

The $1,083 billion personal care, beauty, and anti-aging markets consist of skincare lines, virtual consultants, and health retailers. Within this market, you’ll find many subcategories to inspire your health and wellness ideas. Choose environmentally-friendly beauty products, organic self-care options, or help clients combat anti-aging by focusing on their emotional health. 

  1. Retailer of natural beauty products. Turn an existing storefront into a wellness getaway with environmentally-friendly or locally-sourced beauty items and books. 
  2. Beauty influencer and blogger. Build a social media presence and give product recommendations via vlogs or live videos. Plus, earn extra income with sponsored messages and blog posts.
  3. Producer of organic self-care products. Pursue your love of gardening and chemistry by developing organic products like natural honey-based lotions or cannabis-infused face oils. 

Healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss 

Coming in at a $702 billion market size, the healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss sector presents diverse opportunities for business startups. Select any of the health and wellness ideas below, then add a unique twist to it. For instance, instead of becoming a general healthy cooking instructor, focus on vegan meals or meal prepping. 

  1. Certified personal trainer. Help clients relieve stress, eat healthier, or even parent better. Select an area you’re passionate about that offers good market viability. 
  2. Nutritional therapist. Food and mental health go together, so it makes sense to address both in your role as a nutritional therapist. Start a private therapy practice or contract with a local healthcare system. 
  3. Weight loss coach. Be a cheerleader while setting attainable goals for clients who need the extra push to get healthy. 
  4. Personal chef. Head into your client’s home to prepare healthy or diet-specific meals for events or as part of a more specific health regimen. 
  5. Healthy cooking instructor. Teach clients how to change life habits with at-home, studio, or virtual sessions. 
  6. Gut health consultant. Focus on gut health to guide clients through various life changes.  

Wellness tourism 

Although many forms of tourism took a hit recently, the $639 billion wellness tourism sector may come back more popular than ever as people look for safe and healthy ways to vacation. 

  1. Wellness retreat speaker. Head out to fabulous locations to speak to consumers or corporate groups about wellness topics. 
  2. Healthy food store or juice bar in a tourism location. Take advantage of a popular health destination by opening a storefront tailored to health and wellness clients. 
  3. Wellness bed and breakfast. Provide comfy digs, healthy organic meals, and wellness activities for visitors to your B&B. 
  4. Wellness tourism consultant. Help individuals and families find the best deals and destinations for travel that enhances wellbeing.  

Fitness and mind-body 

At $595 billion, the fitness and mind-body sector remain a steady go-to for those who enjoy engaging with others in private practice or at a studio. Online fitness business ideas are also gaining traction as people move towards virtual solutions. Niche down to offer select services or partner with other professionals to add an array of options. 

  1. Holistic health counselor. Deliver a whole person approach with a focus on the mind, body, and soul.  
  2. Yoga teacher. Combine onsite sessions, virtual appointments, and private instruction to create a diversified practice. 
  3. A wellness center or studio. Offer a broad range of experts in health and wellness along with fitness equipment, exercise classes, and healthy living events.

Preventative and personalized medicine and public health 

The preventative and personalized medicine and public health segment is a $575 billion market. But, there’s likely to be an uptick as more patients seek virtual care delivery. Plus, more communities and individuals are expressing interest in public health due to recent events. 

  1. Health and wellness platform provider. People want access to simple health and wellness apps that integrate with other applications. If you’re tech-savvy, consider designing intuitive self-care software.
  2. Business consultant for private practitioners. Help health providers personalize their health care services, develop marketing plans, or get funding. 
  3. Holistic public health and wellness center. Create a local community care center to tackle tough issues and provide a safe place to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Traditional and Complementary Medicine 

This $360 billion market consists of conventional medicine, like health care workers, and private practitioners who offer complementary services like acupuncture. You’ll find many opportunities to partner with health organizations on a contract basis or work from your own office. 

  1. Herbalist. Turn your love of medicinal plants into a solution that treats underlying conditions. Consider joining a private practice or offering your services on a referral basis. 
  2. Acupuncturist. Contract with a local chiropractic office or wellness center or provide home visits to improve your clients’ health or reduce pain.  
  3. Aromatherapist.  Offer therapeutic remedies for various ailments along with advice on use. Choose a broad practice or narrow it down to solutions for emotional, physical, or spiritual wellbeing.

Wellness lifestyle real estate 

At $134 billion, the wellness lifestyle real estate market is an exciting direction to take your love of health and wellness. Think about the different services people need when finding a new home. Then explore ways to add a wellness twist to your idea.  

  1. Realtor of healthy real estate options. Use a realtor license by focusing on health-related real estate options, including community-based healthy living areas or communities with built-in health resorts or spas.
  2. Healthy building and remodeling consultant. Advise new home builders or buyers on how to build or remodel with healthy living in mind. 

Spa economy 

The spa economy garners a $119 billion market but may see some disruption as business owners reconfigure services to soothe anxious consumers. However, there’s no doubt that it’ll bounce back, and spa treatments support wellness goals (and make great gifts). 

  1. Massage therapist. Get various certificates or focus on one key area. You may offer in-home services, work as part of a wellness center, or operate a private practice.  
  2. Whole family spa centers. Take a new approach by featuring services that improve the wellbeing of all family members. Or at least offer onsite childcare. 
  3. Medical spa and therapy center. Offer medical spa therapies, rehabilitation resources, and partner with physical therapists. 

Thermal and mineral springs 

With $56 billion in market value, the thermal and mineral springs market is ideal for those who want to get into water-based healing, aqua therapy, or hydrotherapy. 

  1. Thermal bathing rehabilitation studio and spa. Incorporate couples, groups, or individual sessions for bathing treatments with wine, salts, and oils. 
  2. Contractor of complementary aqua therapy services. Offer pre or post-bathing therapies, like mud or salt massages. 

Workplace wellness 

Workplace wellness represents a $48 billion market. Going forward, more employers may search for health and wellness solutions for their employees. It helps companies lower healthcare costs, attract and retain employees, and meet the stress of changing workforce dynamics.  

  1. Corporate wellness coach. Get a team into shape with a custom plan for corporations. Share expertise and improve morale, increase productivity, and enhance competitiveness. Promote your services as a whole-approach to teamwork.
  2. Mobile foot massage service. Encourage business owners to skip the flowers or birthday lunch. Instead, send in your mobile unit to ease away the day’s stress. 
  3. Teletherapy for employees. Explore private practice options that work solely with businesses. Telephone or online therapy sessions support a corporate mental health program. 
  4. Wellness program consultant. Contract your services to organizations looking to ramp up their employee wellness program but don’t know where to start. 

Explore the best health and wellness ideas

Did you see an idea that you want to turn into your own? Put your own spin on it by narrowing your focus, target market, location, or condition. Next, dive into market research to discover potential business opportunities in your area. 

Finally, do what you love. If you’re not passionate about adding essential oils to your health and fitness routine, don’t force it. And you can have a spa that welcomes kids or one that requires clients to be 16 and up. Need help coming up with the right health and wellness idea? Schedule an appointment with an expert for a one-on-one call.

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